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Turkish president announces to increase trade volume from Pakistan to $ 5 billion

  Islam Abbas: The Turkish president announces to take the trade volume to Pakistan for $ 5 billion and says that Pakistan is ready for all possible help, and Imran Khan is going to make a historic agreement on the Economic Strategy Framework.
  According to details, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoانan addressed the Pak Turkish Business Forum saying that I consider Pakistan my second home, the people of Pakistan always receive the best hospitality, love and feel very happy to come here today. I had the opportunity to speak to Pakistani parliamentarians.
  The Turkish President said that the relations between Pakistan are promoting relations at various levels and advancing relations on other matters including trade, the meeting of the two countries will be held today.
  Recep Tayyip Erdo .an announced that trade volume with Pakistan would be up to $ 5 billion, strong political and trade links should benefit both countries, Pakistan and Turkey’s trade volume is far below its potential.
  He said that there is no nationality to invest, we do not differentiate between foreign and Turkish companies investing, we increased our revenues by $ 35 billion in tourism, despite economic and trade strikes towards Turkish stability. As a result, Turkish Airlines has access to 126 countries.
  Turkish President says Pakistan is ready for all possible help, we know that Pakistan has the potential to move forward, high level tours bring new possibilities of cooperation, Turkish businessmen need to be briefed on C-pack. , We are ready to help you with the C investors pack.
  Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an says Turkey is far ahead of many countries in the health sector, cooperation with Pakistan in defense sector is strengthening and transport, health, energy, education are improving.
  And Imran Khan is about to make a historic agreement with the Economic Strategy Framework, Turkish investors are interested in investing in Pakistan’s infrastructure, the world turns to Turkey for healthcare, Turkey has built modern hospitals, health. Pakistani people can come to Turkey for care.

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