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Afghan peace treaty: Critics of Pakistan recognize our role, Foreign Minister

  Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says Afghan people want peace even after long war, must see how serious the implementation of the agreement is, Pakistan The critics were credited with his role.
  According to details, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi spoke to the media and said that I congratulate the Taliban and the US authorities, in Pakistan’s opinion that this agreement is an important development. After the long war, the Afghan people also want peace.
  The Foreign Minister said if the parties were prepared to show flexibility on the deal, it would have to be seen how seriously the deal was executed. Zalmay Khalilzad himself said that there was a decrease in violent acts, now we have to see what steps the Afghan leadership takes towards its roadmap.
  He said that the role of facilitator of Pakistan was appreciated, and the critics of Pakistan credited his role. After the Treaty
Pompeo was discussed, putting 3 to 4 points in front of him. The first point raised is that the peace process makers are in and out of Afghanistan. The Peace Is Bad
The monitors have to be monitored.
  The Foreign Minister said that the second thing is that a positive action has to take place and it must continue, that positive action can be sustained with further progress. Inter-Afghan talks should not be too late. It is important that people’s confidence is maintained.
  He said that the third point was to focus on political instability in Afghanistan; we do not want Afghanistan’s internal politics to affect peace. We told Pompeo that they have to mobilize for global support. This will require both global support and resources.

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