Pakistan and India reach final in Kabaddi World Cup


  Lahore: Pakistan defeated Iran in the semi-final of the Kabaddi World Cup, the final match will now be played tomorrow between traditional rivals Pakistan and India.
  Pakistan defeated Iran by 52 points in the 30-over Kabaddi semi-final at Punjab Stadium Lahore, while India defeated Australia by 42 points in the 32nd over. Pakistan proved superior in giving great performances against Iran.
  At halftime, Pakistan had 29 points against 17. Pakistan’s captains Irfan Mana, Shafiq Chishi, Malik bin Yameen, Musharraf Janjua, Waqas Butt and Akmal Shahzad Dogar played a vital role in making the team a success.
  Earlier, another semifinal was played between India and Australia in which Indian players presented the best game. At half-time, India had 28 points against 14.
  The large number of spectators at the stadium gave both teams great support over the fine game. In the second half, the Indian team also pitched well and dominated the competing team.
  The winning team will be rewarded with a trophy of Rs 1 crore while the runner-up will be given Rs.75 million. Chief Minister Punjab is expected to arrive in the scheduled final on Sunday.


Basit Hussain

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