10th Class Result

10th Class Result

The result for the 10th class has been announced by all the educational boards of Pakistan, and we have updated the 10 class result on our website. Fill in your details in the above result checking form to know your 10th class result 2019.

We are very well aware that students have been waiting for their educational result very anxiously for the past few months but now its time to check your result of class 10.

Exactly like last year, the educational boards of Pakistan will announce the result on 25th July 2019. We are very hopeful that the pass percentage will be significantly more than the past year because of the new educational reforms introduced by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf government in schools of Pakistan.

10th Class Result 2019

The list of the students who have got positions in different BISE boards has been announced on all the major television channels and news portals of Pakistan. We will also update the list of 10 class position holders on our website along with the detailed result, but if you are looking for it now, you can find it over sites of news channels.

The 10th class result date is generally different in different regions of Pakistan. For example all the Punjab educational boards (such as Bise Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Sahiwal) will be announced on 25th July but for KPK boards (such as Bise Peshawar, Kohat, Swat, Malakand, Abbottabad, Banu, Mardan, Dera Ismail Khan) will be announced on 28th June 2019.

Class 10 Result

Class 10th Result for Sindh Educational Boards (such as Bise Karachi, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Larkana, Mirpurkhas) will be announced on 12th August 2019. Though the dates for results of Bise Quetta, Bise Azad Kashmir & Bise Federal vary, so we will update their result when it is announced.

As we have told you earlier our sources inside the bise Punjab education board has confirmed that the date for 10 class result 2019 has been fixed as 25 July, and you’ll be able to view, print, download your 10 class result through resultsunited.

If you are visiting our website before the official announcement of result you should not worry at all, the second result gets announced from the official website of Bise board the result will be available over our website for you to check. You should also keep visiting our site every day because as soon as a result gets announced our website will be filled with students looking for their results and we want you to get the result of 10th class before anybody else.

10 Class Result

And if you are browsing our website on the 10th class result day then go the the very starting of this page and fill in your details, with the help of our website you would be able to check 10 class result by roll no, result of 10th class by father name, 10th class result 2019 check by school code.

The educational boards are on their way of preparing to upload the result of 10 class on the official website.

Matric Result 2019

You should know that teachers preparing the matric result 2019 work very hard first they conduct the exams from the students in March in three shifts after that the papers get sent to the result checking staff who first check and then recheck the exams for any error after which they prepare the final result of the students which gets uploaded on the board website in July.

We are also going to leave dedicated links for educational boards below on this page so that students could check their matriculation result easily.

10 Class Result 2019

10th Class Result Boards:
Bahawalpur Board 10th Class ResultDG Khan Board 10th Class ResultFaisalabad Board 10th Class Result
Gujranwala Board 10th Class ResultLahore Board 10th Class ResultMultan Board 10th Class Result
Rawalpindi Board 10th Class ResultSargodha Board 10th Class ResultSahiwal Board 10th Class Result

The result for 10th class is generally better than the result for 9th class because in the 9th class students tend to get very nervous because the board education is something very new for them, the students have been used to give exams to their teachers but in matric strange teachers conducts and check their exams, so that’s something very new for a 9 class student.

We have personally known some students who weren’t able to get good marks in the 9th grade but they performed very good in the matric examinations that’s because the unknown teacher pressure gets off them and now they prepare according to the rules and patterns of the secondary education board.

All the matric students give their very best in the education because the 10th class result shapes their future it decides the college they’ll be getting admission in, and if they get good marks they could also qualify for scholarship grant which is a great relief for the parents that’s why class ten examinations are considered as one of the most crucial exams in the student life and the student who passes these exams with flying colors feels very satisfied with the effort he/she had poured in the examinations.

Students who are confident about their exam preparations can always file for rechecking of their papers if the subject numbers are not up to their expectations but that could be done after the declaration of result and Secondary board charges some fee for the rechecking, and there is no guarantee if your numbers will be increased or not.

Bise Lahore 10th Class Result

Students in Lahore should get excited because the Bise Lahore matric result is coming very soon all the 12 million people in Lahore and their children are very excited about this result and have been preparing to embrace this moment for a few months now, while some students who already know how they performed in the exams are not as excited as their parents because they have an idea about the grades they would be getting.

Bise Gujranwala 10th Class Result

Gujranwala is located on the northern side of Lahore, but the students of Gujranwala are very east to what students of Lahore are in terms of education. Gujranwala board 10th class result always amazes the international education committee because of the students of Gujranwala getting better grades than the students from mainstream cities that’s why Gujranwala is always favorite in terms of student passing percentage.

Bise Multan 10th Class Result

Multan is the 7th largest city of Punjab having a population of only 7 million people that’s why the number of students waiting for Multan 10 class result is significantly lower than other cities of Pakistan. In term of performance, the students of Multan are not very extraordinary in terms of education, but their overall pass percentage is right, that’s why we are personally very excited about bise Multan result.

Bise Faisalabad 10th Class Result

Faisalabad previously known as Lyallpur, breaks the recording of the most populous city of Punjab by a very large number and is the third most populous city of Pakistan, having more population means the number of students appearing in exams is also much higher than other cities and even higher waiting for 10th class result Faisalabad board because the relatives, parents and even friends are continually searching for the result of that kid that’s what makes Faisalabad city hub of education in Pakistan.

Bise Sargodha 10th Class Result

Lady Trooper founded the Sargodha city back in 1903 and its since been an integral part of Pakistan. Due to a low number of population, the educational standard in Sargodha is not up to the speed as compared to other cities in Punjab that’s why very few numbers of students appeared for the examination, and we don’t think if they care about the result of 10 class Sargodha board 2019.

Bise Rawalpindi 10th Class Result

Rawalpindi is the twin city connected with Islamabad. Rawalpindi is commonly known as Pindi. It comes under the jurisdiction of Punjab that’s why bise Rawalpindi result will be announced on the same date as all other boards of Punjab, and that date is 25th of July. As per 2017 survey of United Nations, the population of Rawalpindi is just above 2 million, so that results in a considerable number of students appearing in the examinations.

Bise Bahawalpur 10th Class Result

Bahawalpur also comes under the Punjab region. As per Wikipedia Bahawalpur is the 11th biggest city of Pakistan population wise, every year the number of students appearing for Bahawalpur board 10 class result has been increasing at an impressive range. Bahawalpur has a ton of tourist attraction places which students can visit after checking their result.

Bise DG Khan 10th Class Result

DG Khan is also known as Dera Ghazi Khan; this city also comes under the authority of Punjab so you can imagine the work and improvement being done to this education board. In the past, there have been a few allegations against Bise DG Khan for favoring students who had relations with the staff working there but this is not true anymore, and anyone appearing in the exams is treated exactly same like all other students. So go ahead and check your DG Khan SSC part 2 result.

Bise Sahiwal 10th Class Result

Sahiwal has a population of around 2 Million people and is the 22nd largest city of Pakistan. There are a lot of famous people who have emerged from Sahiwal by checking the same Sahiwal board 10 class result as like any other student. The most renowned personality from Sahiwal is Tariq Aziz known for the famous show Bazme Tariq airing on Pakistan Television.

Bise Peshawar 10th Class Result

Bise Peshawar 10th class result 2019 is going to be announced on 28th June 2019. Peshawar is the capital city of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The education trends are not great in Peshawar region because people tend not to send their children to schools in Peshawar that’s why literacy rate is quite low in KPK region, but still, KPK Government is trying to improve the education standard there.

Bise Kohat 10th Class Result

Bise Kohat is answerable to the KPK Government because it comes under their jurisdiction. The Government has passed quite a new laws and has been compensating the parents of children so that they could send their children to schools, that why they would eventually become an asset to Pakistan in future but for now they can quickly check their bise Kohat SSC result by clicking the button below.

Bise Swat 10th Class Result

Swat itself is a district in Pakistan. Its capital is Saidu Sharif. Swat is one of the coldest areas of Pakistan. The temperature there never goes above 15 degrees, and the primary source of income of people there is tourism. People from all over Pakistan and world visit Swat to enjoy the snow and cold weather that’s why the number, so students gaining education there is quite low, but you can still check bise swat class 10 result.

Bise Malakand 10th Class Result

Malakand comes under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa administration which means the part 2 SSC result will be announced on 28th June in Malakand. As like other cities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, the primary source of income for people living in Malakand is tourism. The official language of the Malakand division is Pashto. Students study in Pashto and English in the schools of Malakand.

Bise Abbottabad 10th Class Result

Abbottabad is only a few kilometers away from Rawalpindi city, but it comes under the leadership of KPK Government. Abbottabad is a hub which connects the whole Pakistan with the northern areas anyone going anywhere for tourism purposes has to go through Abbottabad. The standard of education in Abbottabad is better than most schools in KPK that’s why every year a lot of students search for Abbottabad Board result of class 10.

Bise Bannu 10 Class Result

Bannu lies in the southern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; it is one of the smallest cities of Pakistan population wise which means only a few hundred students appear in the annual examination. Last year only five hundred students came on our website searching for bise Bannu matric result though we displayed the result for all of them but its an alarming situation of education standard in Bannu.

Bise Mardan 10 Class Result

Mardan is the second largest city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Its population is more than 400,000 people. The main speaking language is Pashto in this city as well. The number of students searching for bise Mardan matric result is increasing quite significantly over the past few years; this indeed is a great sign.

Bise Dera Ismail Khan 10 Class Result

Dera Ismail Khan also is known as DI KHAN is a city in KPK region. It has a population of over 2 million people. As like other cities of KPK, the common language here is Pashto. The students searching for Dera Ismail Khan Board 10 class result can click on the button below to check their grades immediately.

Bise Karachi 10 Class Result

Karachi is the capital of Sindh and one of the biggest cities of Pakistan. The revenue derived from industry in Karachi runs whole Pakistan. Karachi is one of the cheapest cities to live in. The employment rate in Karachi is 100% which means everyone who’s searching for Bise Karachi 10th Class Result will get a guaranteed job in the future.

Bise Sukkur 10 Class Result

Sukkur is divided into six administrative districts. All of the regions report back to Sukkur because its the regulatory state. Bise Sukkur Board SSC Part 2 result is announced in all the areas in Sindh province at the same time, allowing students to take admission to whichever college they like promptly.

Bise Hyderabad 10 Class Result

Hyderabad is the second largest city of Sindh and is in the top 10 list of most significant cities of Pakistan. The population of Hyderabad is just over 3 million. The students in Hyderabad face a lot of trouble while searching for matric result Hyderabad board that’s why we have created this website to ease the students in the result checking process.

Bise Larkana 10 Class Result

Larkana is one of the hottest cities in Pakistan. Students face a lot of troubles while going to the educational institutes, and because of the weather its quite hard to study over there but still a lot of students appear in the examinations and we would like to give them a round of applause and would like to present them with the opportunity to check their Larkana Board Matric Result easily.

Bise Mirpurkhas 10 Class Result

Mirpurkhas is the fifth largest city of Sindh province with a population of just 500,000 people. The livelihood of people in Mirpurkhas depends upon farming, and that’s why the literacy rate in Mirpurkhas is quite low but there are still a lot of educated people who send their children to schools so that they can get top class education, and those students are accompanied by us while checking their mirpurkhas 10 class result.

Bise Quetta 10 Class Result

Quetta is the largest city of the province Balochistan. Bise Quetta is responsible for conducting, managing and announcing results of all the students in Balochistan. Quetta has a population of over 5 million people that’s why the number of students searching for Bise Quetta 10th Class Result is quite high.

Bise Azad Kashmir 10 Class Result

Azad Jammu and Kashmir are also known as AJK. Its the part of occupied Kashmir which Pakistan was able to free in the war with India. The educational activities in this region are close to none, only a few hundred students appear in the examinations because of the continuous threat of being in a war zone, but still, if you would like to check your AJK SSC Part 2 result you can check on our website.

Bise Federal 10 Class Result

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is a governing body responsible for conducting examinations in the federal part or Pakistan. It is also known as FBISE. It is an autonomous body designed to improve the education structure in the federal. FBISE 10 class result is also available on our website if you want to check.

So all the possible education boards announcing the results in 2019 have been covered in our website. If you have any question, tip or suggestion use the contact form or the comment box below. We take student feedback very seriously and once again thank you so much for visiting our website.