Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League 2020

Pakistan Super League 2020

The final bells have rung. Another sensational season of Pakistan Super League is going to kick start from Feb 20. The tournament is scheduled to take place between Feb 20 and March 22. This time, PCB has managed to convince all franchises to hold the season in Pakistan. As per the latest reports four major stadiums in Pakistan are being prepared to hold the matches of the fifth PSL season. The preparations are on full swings, PCB is preparing on the drafting of the player, which is expected to hit on November 20, 2019.

2020 PSL

This was Prime Minister Pakistan’s utmost desired to get back Cricket to Pakistan’s stadium. And in the previous season, he had promised to move back all matches of the next PSL to Pakistan. With the current season, he kept his promise and managed to get international cricket to Pakistan.

Though Pakistan had been hosting cricket matches from the last two PSL seasons, semi-finals and finals. The finals were empty from the participation of few international players, as they had reservations on coming to Pakistan and playing.

Though, it had not yet been confirmed which players will agree to come to Pakistan. Hopes are there and speculations are surfacing that, England players have agreed to visit Pakistan to participate in the incumbent season.

Pakistan Cricket Board has also revisited the entire beneficial program of the PSL 5th edition. In September, the PCB chairman along with the head coach and chief selector Misbah Ul Haq had a meeting with the franchise owners and listened to their reservations on the current PSL program. The Chairman agreed to revisit the program to safeguard their interests.

Four Venuses which are selected to play the current tournaments are- Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Rawalpindi.

It was in 2006 when Rawalpindi stadium witnessed its last international match, and for Multan stadium, it was 2008. The stadium in Multan and Rawalpindi are being renovated to hold the international level cricket in Pakistan.


The entire tournament spans 34 matches, and all are going to be held in Pakistan.

The chairman met with all franchise owners and devised the plans to begin the tournament on February 20 in Karachi.

Over the past few years, PCB had used the PSL to revive international cricket in Pakistan. The ball got rolling in 2017 with the Gadhafi stadium hosting the finals and Karachi hosted four games in the following season.

While in 2019, the eight games were scheduled to be played in Lahore and Karachi, all games were moved to Karachi from Lahore due to some political issues and Lahore sharing the border with India.

Believe it or not, the PSL opened the gateway for Pakistan to the International Cricket. With Pakistan hosting the last two seasons matches without any disruption, it is paving the ways to the international teams visit Pakistan.

The PCB should be given full credit of it, and for the last season when they convinced foreign players who featured in the season to tour Pakistan, except a few. Shane Watson though had some reservation over visiting Pakistan earlier, but later on, agreed.

The final schedule, timetable, and venues are yet to release. Keep visiting the blog to get the latest news regarding PSL 2020.

PSL 2020 Date

Pakistan Super League 2020 will start from February 2020 and will end on 22nd March, 2020

Pakistan Super League 2020 Schedule

Every cricket fans including me want to know when PSL cricket matches will start. The starting date of the PSL is as per the latest reports; 20th February. The tournament will span 34 matches, all matches will be played in Pakistan, four stadia is chosen to host the matches. The stadium which is included to host the latest PSL seasons are as follows

The tournament is going to follow the previous season’s round robin format, where every team will face the other team twice in the tournament.

  1. Multan Cricket Stadium
  2. National Stadium Karachi
  3. Qaddafi Stadium Lahore
  4. Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

The preparations to hold the cricket matches are running on full swings. Especially, Rawalpindi cricket stadium and Multan Cricket stadium, as it has been ages since the stadia hosted the matches. This was due to the political instability in Pakistan that international players afraid to visit Pakistan.

Even with the latest cricket season, PSL 5TH season, some international players are reluctant to visit Pakistan, and even Sri-Lankan some A-category players are showing resistant to come to Pakistan in Sri Lankan Team latest tour.

Though, many foreign players have shown willingness to visit Pakistan, a good thing. Once the entire season is hosted safety in Pakistan, all doubts will vanish off, and cricket board will be pleased to visit Pakistan.

This season has special importance for the Pakistani nation, and Pakistan Government as well. If any serious incident happens in Pakistan, this will lead to shutting the doors of international cricket for decades. The security situation is though improvement in Pakistan and forces are all prepared to safeguard international players; still, due to uncertain situation in Kashmir, anything can happen.

The players draft for Pakistan Super League is likely to take place on November 2019 that will be held in Lahore. Mean to say all matches are the owners will be able to purchase their favorite players from the categories they are placed. The PSL 2019 drafting is confirmed, and this time many newcomers will find their place in international matches.

This season will display mesmerizing and exciting game of cricket. Lahore Qalandar is eying on the trophy, as they have decided that Salman Butt will be the captain of the Qalandars this time for PSL season 2020.

In the last draft of the PSL 2018, about 630 players were included. Every team has to choose 20 players, 16 players as a PSL squad and 4 extra as supplementary players for each franchise. As the PSL draft takes place, we will add further information regarding. Mark the PSL drafting data, 20 November 2020.

PSL 2020 Schedule Format

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the biggest cricketing events. The event is going to host entirely in Pakistan, this season. The last four seasons were hosted in UAE, Pakistan’s alternative home ground. Though, few matches of the previous two seasons were hosted in Pakistan, but not the entire season. This PSL 5th season is all set to kick start in Pakistan on February 2020, all cricket fans are eagerly waiting for their favorite team displaying the best game of cricket.

Even the Pakistani cricketers were feeling this abondanshiment; this is something variant playing before their home crowds and off-shore.

Pakistan Super League 2020 Live Streaming

PSL 5th edition is in progress and fans around the world are enjoying the thrilling matches. The thrilling contest is sticking the fans to the screens, and the unpredictable game of cricket gets more unpredicted in PSL. Who knows which players come forward and make his time winning the match at any hours of the game? The format of the game is the same as the previous four seasons. Six teams are going to loggerhead in the tournament, Multan Sultan, Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalandar, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiator, and Karachi Kings.

You might have been looking for the PSL 2020 live streaming, look nowhere. We have provided you with the live link to the all PSL cricket matches, live from the Pakistani grounds. You know, the season is entirely being hosted in Pakistan; Pakistani nation first time got the chance to witness the PSL matches in Pakistan.

You can enjoy the live streaming of the incumbent PSL season; we have provided you with the more than one live links. So, if one link does not function, the users could grab the other link and enjoy the PSL matches without missing a single moment.

In addition, to live to stream, we have provided you with the latest updates and news. From the landed website you can have all news, updates about the current PSL 5th seasons. You will have all news and updates covered about all teams, including your favorite team.

The format of the season is the same, double round-robin format, where every team will ace all other teams twice in the round. The same round-robin format was first tested in Indian Premier League, and with the successful execution of the format in T-20, other leagues also adopted it including Pakistan super league.

We have also provided you with the drafting updates. The drafting of the 5th season of IPL has taken place and we covered everything related to that. You can check the PSL 5th season drafting section to witness your favorite player inclusion in the team.

The current PSL season is going to be very thrilling. Every team has worked really hard to compete in the tournament, including Lahore Qalandars. This time Qalandars have given chance to Salman Butt as a captain and it seems he will display a great game of cricket.

We have also provided you with the PSL 2020 points table. You can access the position of the cricket teams standing in the tournament with points. At the end of the tournament, four-team will qualify for the play-off round.

This is pertinent to mention that PCB has worked really hard to make the tournament go error-free. The security situation in Pakistan was tightened due to the presence of foreign players in the grounds. It is cheering to behold international and national players displaying their expertise in home grounds, before the home crowds.

This took almost ten years to make the international cricket come back to Pakistan. All international players, cricket board officials, and Prime minister of Pakistan should be applauded for the hard work put in to make the tournament successful.

Pakistan Super League teams

As we all aware of the fact that the 5th season of PSL is going to be held in Pakistan, this is very remarkable and holds lots of importance for local as well as international cricket of Pakistan. The season is going to impact a lot on young players, they have the confidence to play in Pakistan and with the season, they would be able to outshine.

Every cricketer wishes to play in front of their home crowds, and Pakistani players were worsen off with the feelings. This season is going to be more cheerful, stadiums full with the clouds, Pakistani Flags everywhere, audience supporting their favorite teams and much more.

The PSL 5th season will witness 6 teams, following the last PSL season. The last season witnessed the addition of Multan Sultan, owned by Ali Tareen, son of renowned Politician Jahangir Khan Tareen. All four big cities of Pakistan will have the teams playing the season.

Everyone is guessing their favorite team to lift the trophy this team. Especially, Lahore Qalandar Fans are eagerly waiting for their team to outperform others in the league. Maybe with the cricket shifted to Pakistan entirely, they might outshine other teams as they got potential and crowed support at their home stadium. The season will witness 19 matches played in Lahore, 13 in Karachi and 8,8 matches in Rawalpindi and Multan. The Quetta stadium had added to the list in initial reports, but due to the bad stadium condition lead to the removal of its name.

The three teams have won the tournament before, Islamabad United, Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiator.

Islamabad united lifted the trophy twice, with Zalmi and Gladiator once respectively.

Though squad announcement is yet to come, after drafting, the drafting will soon happen, and we will let you know the final squads of all teams.

  • Multan Sultan
  • Lahore Qalandar
  • Quetta Gladiators
  • Islamabad United
  • Karachi Kings
  • Peshawar Zalmi

Islamabad United Squad 2020:

Islamabad United was the first champion of the super league tournament. The team was led by Misbah Ul Haq and has been consistently well. The team includes young player chosen from Pakistan, and the local players have seemed to outperform international players.

The team announcement for the 5th season of the PSL is yet to come. We can hope that the brand will have a balanced team as par the previous seasons.

Karachi Kings Squad 2020:

Karachi Kings though did not perform that well in previous PSL season. The team is owned by ARY media network, and the owners are famous due to giving expensive gifts to the player. The season will have some different combination of the players, let’s hope for the best.

Lahore Qalandar Squad 2020:

Lahore and Karachi teams have been consistently poor performing teams of the PSL. The most expensive team of the tournament is owned by Rana Fawad and media partners are Geo Channel network.

Multan Sultan Squad 2020:

The latest entry to the PSL with the previous season, Multan Sultan, the sixth team of the PSL is known due to its owner, Ali Tareen. The team has well-known players from all parts of the world. There are chances; the season will bring some good news to them.

Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2020:

Peshawar Zalmi is one of the best performing team of the PSL. The winner of 2nd tournament, holding national and international players, the team has produced a number of good players. The latest season will have some good players name as well.

Quetta Gladiators squad 2020:

Quetta Gladiator is the most recent winner of the PSL. The defending champions are going to lift the trophy once again in under the leadership of Sarfaraz Ahmed.

PSL T20 Broadcasters 2020

Cricketing fans all around the world are eagerly waiting for the Pakistan Super League latest season. All eyes of the cricket fans will turn towards the mega cricketing event from Feb to March 2020. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has finally convinced the foreign players as well as team owners to shift the entire tournament to Pakistan. The latest PSL 5th season will be host in Pakistan; four stadia are picked to host the tournament: Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. With all the preparations, PCB has also released the broadcasting rights of the season. PCB has announced the following channels will have the rights to broadcast the live cricket streaming. As per the released updates, PTV Sports and Geo Super will have rights to broadcast the HBL PSL 2020 in Pakistan.

Cricket gateway to live stream in Middle-east and North America for free, in Pakistan, Geo Super, Sub-channel under Geo channels and PTV state-owned TV channel will broadcast all 34 cricket matches live.

In India Dsports India was given rights to broadcast the streaming, but after the Pulwama attack, the rights have been provoked. Now, the Indian audience will have web streaming option there via cricket gateway to witness the biggest cricketing event.

List of PSL broadcasting channels:

This is the list of all TV channels broadcasting PSL 5th matches. You can have your favorite league live streaming from the mentioned TV channels. The list shows that people from all corners of the world will be able to witness the game of cricket on their TV screens.

  • Pakistan: PTV Sports and Ten SportsGeo Super
  • Sri-Lanka: Dialog TV
  • Bangladesh: Gazi TV
  • UK: Hum Masala (HUM TV Channels)
  • UAE/MENA: OSN Sports Cricket HD, Yupp TV
  • South Africa: SuperSport
  • USA: Willow TV

Dsports was given rights to live stream PSL matches in India. In the previous season, the Pulwama attack led to political conflict between Pakistan and India which resulted in provoking the rights.

Though, web streaming is the best option for anyone to behold any game at every corner of the world. Still, the joy of watching all matches, without any interruptions on TV screens is something different.

PSL broadcasting rights 2019-2022:

The Pakistan Super League broadcasting for the three seasons 2019-2022 has been sold to Blitz Advertisement and TechFront for $36 million by PCB. The ball by ball clips rights has been given to Crikingif.

As per the statistics, the deal was 358 percent more than the last deal made by the PCB. This reflects the popularity and fans involvement in the Pakistan Super League matches, and the brand is taking leaps and bounds in just five seasons. The growth of the PSL brand is remarkable; the details of the deals have been kept confidential.

This season of PSL is going to be very cheerful. As the entire tournament is set to host in Pakistan, the nation will have the joy to witness their favorite game in their home grounds. This took almost ten years to get cricket back to Pakistan, after Sri-Lankan team attack. That attack costs too much, and doors to the international crickets perished for Pakistan. Pakistan has to use the UAE as a home for years.

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